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From fruits to vegetables, rootlets to mushrooms, salads to tropical – we’ve got exceptional organic choices for you!

With decades of experience in the wholesale organic produce industry, we’ve seen advanced technologies execute this business more competitive and effective. We specialize in fresh produce and dairy organic products. At Jack Scalisi, we have coupled the experience, talents, and resources from top industry specialists to assist you. Our crew of professionals are familiar with your needs and consistently strive to meet and exceed those expectations.

Wholesale organic produce distributors possess an active business connection with our customers, restaurants, farmers’ markets, and organic food that persists throughout Florida. The quality of the products we can produce is guaranteed by the wide geographic range of our organic farms. We spend several identifying reasonable price levels across a wide range of organic farms in Florida. This enables Organic Fresh Produce Distributors to achieve competitive market pricing from geographic areas with the best quality product through various growing seasons. Kindly check our e-commerce store and see pricing to place the order online.

Fresh Produce Distributors

As experienced fresh produce distributors, we have gained and distributed specialty build over many years, providing us the knowledge and ability to stay current on geographical growing seasons. The relations with our farmers are key to keeping our eyes on the territory. This kind of service is key in purchasing the freshest product available. Because the seasons change our offerings do as well. Our chefs and retailers are invariably the first to acknowledge when fresh ramps and fiddleheads pop up in the spring, and when Pennsylvania peaches and fresh harvest strawberries are at their height of flavor.

Our climate-controlled warehouse simulates optimal food storage conditions during periods of development. Both temperature and humidity are controlled to meet the uniqueness of each freshly picked fruit and vegetable before they go out for delivery.

Beyond the Numbers

The majority of our distributors are family-owned enterprises working under third-or fourth-generation leadership. They have roots in their societies, are committed to quality, and possess deep industry expertise that they’re proud to share. Whether at the local, regional, or national account level, the Jack Scalisi network helps to analyze and streamline the challenging fresh food category.

Taste the Difference

Jack Scalisi stands apart from other Fresh Produce Distributors simply due to our dedication to the industry. We work with our farmers year-round to bring the best tasting produce available to our customers. We are passionate about providing reliable and flexible assistance grounded with integrity and family values- we’re the clear choice for your production needs.

Local, Regional And National Chains
Hotels, Resorts, Country Clubs
Fine Dining To Quick Service
Contract Feeders
Schools, College And University Dining
Theme Parks And Cruise Lines

Organic Produce vs. Non-Organic Produce

When eating fruits and vegetables people think that they are producing something good for their body. It is automatically assumed because the fruits and vegetables are grown in nature, they are safe and healthy. Moreover, others assume because their nutritional value can be enhanced by eating them. They think that it does not matter the amount or kinds of pesticides applied to help them grow. Unfortunately, this is not true. In return, the body is getting a large number of toxicants. Fruits and vegetables that are not grown organically really are bad for a person’s body.

Buy from Wholesale produce distributors Florida

When you Buy Organic Produce Wholesale it is grown without the usage of pesticides. Alternatively, less deceptive techniques are used to protect products like insect predators and traps. However, when this is not sufficient, Wholesale Organic farmers will use botanical non-pesticides because they are made from plants and will crackdown without any harmful effects on the organic produce they are used to protect or the people that eat them. Extra care and precaution are used when growing organic produce, which is why it is so much healthier for you.
Our commitment to excellence can be recognized in the form of high-quality products. We are offering a range of organic products and are leading wholesale organic produce distributors in Florida. You can contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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