Jack Scalisi Fruits and Produce for Distribution in Port St. Lucie

Jack Scalisi has been involved in delivering premium products to homes, retail stores, food chains, and restaurants all across South Florida.
Our produce distributors Port St. Lucie endeavors to deliver the freshest quality of food products, fresh fruits, and vegetables to our beloved customers. In this modern era of quick eats, most people have become used to eating out, takeaways, fast food delivery, and frozen foods.
The food that is prevalent today and most people eat is rarely nutritious. Managing time and buying fresh groceries every day can be a difficult job. Cooking them requires care and it can be very time consuming to cook food from scratch.

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We offer pre-cooked, farm-fresh bread, and fresh ready-made food items that are packed with wholesomeness. With our fresh produce and freshly prepared products, you can make the best recipes in no time. It can be as easy as making a sandwich with some chopped vegetables or kimchi and bread with a cup of fresh fruit juice that you like.
At Jack Scalisi, we know that you value our efforts of delivering products at your convenience and this is why we have created multiple ways to help our customers get the best nutritious food for every meal. Our food distributors Port St. Lucie can reach your doorstep to deliver the items you need to cook the breakfast, lunch, and dinner you want to have every day.

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Nutrition and Freshness

It is easy to put a dozen trays of frozen food in your trolley when shopping for groceries and enjoy the rest of the month by baking, frying, or defrosting the frozen items. It is tempting and quick, but it is just not the same. The frozen foods contain preservatives that keep them eatable for longer periods.
The frozen food contains lesser nutrients as compared to a freshly cooked meal. They often come in plastic wrapping and packaging that can be damaging to the food as the plastic can extract harmful chemicals to the food over long periods.

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The frozen food industry is large and ever-growing because it saves time, but no one ever questions the high amounts of saturated fats added to them. The additional amounts of saturated fats and sodium can be damaging to the body and it has been found that most frozen foods contain these ingredients higher than the requirements of a healthy serving ratio.
Only a freshly cooked meal can provide the right nutrition. Even if you do not love to cook, you can put some items in your oven to bake. Everyone loves to have meat and a bowl of vegetables or baked potatoes. If you are a potato lover and like to have meat or are vegan and just love potatoes. Toss them in the oven at low heat with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, favorite herbs, garlic, and pepper. After that just don’t let it burn and you have amazing food. It is that simple!

We can help with the food delivery; you take care of the cooking or baking. Contact Jack Scalisi food distributor Port St. Lucie and don’t spend a day eating unhealthy food.

Health comes first!

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