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In summers, everyone loves a nice minty drink or lemonade on a hot day and in winters a cup of hot chocolate milk or coffee. The love for beverages in all seasons is unending, and it goes all year round. To keep your refrigerator stocked and ingredients handy, in case of craving, we are here to deliver wholesale produce Hollywood.

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To lose weight or simply stay hydrated, there are hundreds of recipes you can try and make detox drinks to detoxify your body. A healthy cleanse is necessary, once in a while to flush out the toxins from our body.

Jack Scalisi provides wholesale food Hollywood to give your meals and drinks a healthy and natural twist. What is special about our products is their fine quality and freshness. Healthy drinks, containing natural ingredients, can boost your metabolism and help you stay fit. Having a detox water every day can also do the trick!

Detox Drinks with Fruits

Detox drinks are easy to make and effective in weight loss and detoxification. Even if you have no time to search supermarkets for ingredients, find them at the Jack Scalisi store and place an order to quickly receive them and never miss a day of detox again. Buying wholesale food Hollywood has never been this easy before!

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To make a healthy detox drink; add slices of your favorite fruits such as strawberries, orange, berries, watermelon, or grapefruit to water. In combination add honey, lemon, or mint. The combination ingredients give detox water a stronger flavor. Lemon is effective on the body if you are also planning to shed some pounds.

Keep a bottle of detox drink handy and sip on it throughout the day. You will fall in love with detox drinks so much that drinking water will become boring. Try new recipes for detox drinks every day and work your way towards the dream body!

Detox Drinks with Vegetables

Vegetables have more fiber and minimal carbs. This is what makes them an excellent choice of health and weight-conscious individuals. Because the glycemic content is low, they can serve as a great addition to a bottle of water, to make it detoxifying, flavorful, and tempting.

It can be hard to drink water sometimes, especially if you are not thirsty. Adding veggies like cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon, ginger and even rosemary and mint for taste is going to make the drink tempting and irresistible.

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The best way to make a detox drink is to add 2-3 fresh (not frozen) ingredients to the water. But if you want to make it tastier and eat the ingredients, you can blend in the fruit or vegetables for a stronger flavor. After blending it, you get a detox drink plus smoothie to detoxify your body with zero-waste. It helps flush out the toxins, especially if you have been lazy and dependent on unhealthy food too much.

Our wholesale food distributors Hollywood are dedicated to making your days healthy and this is why they can deliver your favorite fruits and vegetables to your house. We are involved in delivering fresh produce, pulses, dairy, and many other products to people across Florida.

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